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CYBERUS act 1: Unsettle 

unsettled; unsettling; unsettles

transitive verb

to loosen or move from a settled state or condition make unstable DISORDER

- to perturb or agitate mentally or emotionally DISCOMPOSE


Featuring works from over 30 artists curated by myself, who where given the one word prompt 'unsettle' to interprate in any way they wish and create/submit a peice that fits the prompt in any way they see fit. A5 size with matt soft touch cover. Comes with free mini launch party zine and cyberus logo sticker <3


Artists credited by page number @elw2001_ @sassyybabyangel @ellie.haze @creaturesque_ @dashakroutov @aiorganism @_youre_dreaming_ @goonhaus @vic_disks0onic @glitterylilac @milkymothteeth @laettning @happililcloud @pond.floor @helloo0o0o0oo0oo0oooo00o00o0o @yellowsnowangelx @wraithlingg @cu_space_cowboy_ @mysericorde @negentropy.girl @genovas_razor @emo_cringe_compilation.mp4 @rena_iizawa @nymph.mp3_ @phonewifey @pullingouteyelashes @tooqiao @ruiji_han @exitsigils

CYBERUS act 1: Unsettle + FREE mini-zine & sticker bundle

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